Fienza Invisi Cab 300 Concealed Bathroom Cabinet

Fienza Invisi Cab 300 Concealed Bathroom Cabinet

  • Brand InvisiCab®
  • Item Code IN3030
  • Width (mm) 342 mm
  • Height (mm) 322 mm
  • Depth (mm) 90 mm
  • Tile Lip Depth (mm) 14 mm
  • Total Depth 104 mm
  • Internal Shelf Height 295 mm
  • Internal Shelf Depth 80 mm
  • Material 316 Marine grade stainless steel
  • Hinges On left-hand side only
  • Installation InvisiCab® must be installed within the wall frame.
  • It cannot be retrofitted.
  • Refer to FAQs on website and Installation Guidelines supplied with product.
  • Warranty 7 Year - Replacement cabinet (includes 12 months labour) 1 Year - Replacement door hinges & components *View full warranty details Spare Parts Spring Mechanism • IN-SPRING • $10 Door Hinge (1pc) • IN-HINGE • $10


 InvisiCab® is a recessed bathroom cabinet that gives you the storage space you need, while maintaining clean lines and maximising space


Experience the freedom to design the bathroom you want without compromising on style and aesthetic appeal


InvisiCab® arose from the desire to reduce clutter and compliment a minimalist lifestyle by making storage 'invisible'


InvisiCab® is designed to fit within the timber stud wall at the time of construction or renovation of your bathroom. Once installed inside the timber frame, the wall is then waterproofed and tiled to give a sleek, invisible‑look for your storage cabinet


The InvisiCab® 300 is a compact storage cabinet that is designed to suit 300 x 300 mm tiles. Due to its compact size it is ideal for showers with limited floor space, or as a convenient storage cabinet for a bath.

Patent pending

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