Loxeal Liquid PTFE Thread Sealant - 100ml

Loxeal Liquid PTFE Thread Sealant - 100ml

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  • High viscosity - once oxygen is expelled from sealant it will activate and start to cure
  • Drip Proof
  • Sealing unaffected by shock/vibration within temperature range -50 degree to +150 degree
  • Rapid cure time - functional in less than 3 hours
  • Safe for use with portable water and AGA approved
  • Not suitable for use on plastics
  • Non Toxic
  • use for LPG, NG and Water

The Loxeal 58-11 High Pressure Thread Sealant 100ml is an anaerobic adhesive that is ideal for the sealing of threaded metal to metal joints. This Loxeal thead sealant seals against gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils and other chemicals.

Loxeal 58-11 replaces PTFE tape and yarn and provides instant sealing against moderate pressure. It seals against gas, LPG, water, hydrocarbons, oils and other chemicals. The thixotropic property helps to stop migration of sealant from thread before, or during curing. Loxeal 58-11 threadsealing adhesive is shock and vibrations resistant, with its' sealing properties unaffected over the temperature range from -55°C to +150°C. Also available in 50ml and 250ml tubes.

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